I develop landing pages, online stores and large sites for business. Convenient, nice and understandable.

In design, I prefer a modern style that perfectly combines style and convenience. Design is not only about bright pictures. First of all, thanks to the design, you can skillfully play with the user's attention on the site.
Thanks to my extensive experience, I can quickly determine the main tasks for the competent structure of the future site. It is not enough to know the theory, you need to be able to apply it in practice.
Apart from the website design, I can also develop it on the Tilda platform, which I know at an expert level. In 95% of cases, for the tasks of my clients, the Tilda platform is the best option, because reduces the cost of work, while increasing the efficiency of the site.
I am constantly improving my knowledge and skills in the digital environment. I can draw individual illustrations, create 3D objects and animations for the site. I work closely with the design community and can help with advice on various issues: from smm marketing to graphic design.
I always immerse myself in a project to deliver the most powerful result!
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Developed sites
Projects received an award
Years developing in design
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In the official selection
of the best sites on Tilda
Landing Page Swarovski —
official partner in Russia
In the official selection
of the best sites on Tilda
Online store for studio of dried flowers and interior decor
Multi-page website of Alice Orchids online school
Online store of branded knitted items by Margo
Online store for an English wine boutique
Landing page
Multi-page website
One page site. A traditional landing page describes a product, its benefits, and indicates the need to purchase that product.
A multi-page site that performs a number of functions: from collecting contact information and selling a service to an information space with various articles.
Complete online store with shopping cart, goods and payment.
10-14 days
20-30 days
30-35 days
Design in Figma
from $300
from $450
from $700
Elaboration of the structure
Adaptive for all permissions
Making site on Tilda
Functional connection
Support within two weeks after the delivery of the site
Design in Figma
Elaboration of the structure
Adaptive for all permissions
Functional connection
Up to 7 unique pages
Making site on Tilda
Support within two weeks after the delivery of the site
Design in Figma
Elaboration of the structure
Adaptive for all permissions
Cart and online shopping
Catalog up to 1000 commodity items
Delivery module connection
Making site on Tilda
Support within two weeks after the delivery of the site
Website development prices will always depend on the volume. Here I indicate the lower price threshold. To find out the specific cost of the work, we need to talk! :)
stages of work


Before creating a website, it is necessary to completely tune in to one wave so that we have the clearest possible vision of the future website. I will prepare you a selection of site references (examples) and a mood board to create atmosphere and inspiration :) This is a standard procedure that will greatly facilitate the work process for all of us in the future. We work under a contract.

After approving the general concept and agreeing on the "mood" of the site, we proceed to the next stage.


An important stage at which I start to create and think over the "skeleton" of the site: where will be located which button, what will it be called and where will lead the user - your future buyer, and so on. I begin to think over the sequence of blocks and the logic of their construction.

As a result, a structured layout of the site will be presented. At this stage, corrections are made, the concept is discussed. After approval, we move on to the next stage.


At this stage, I start to create a website design: select photos, work with fonts, color, composition.

As a result, a design layout of the site will be presented. After approval and making adjustments (if necessary), we proceed to the next stage.


I work on the Tilda platform, which in most cases suits any site task. I create an account for you, where I typeset, adapt and connect the necessary functionality.

IMPORTANT! If Tilda does not suit your tasks, then I transfer the design layout to the layout programmers and monitor the quality of the layout.


At the final stage, I hand over the project to you and transfer all the permissions. I explain how to use Tilda so that you can independently make the necessary changes from time to time (change dates, photo, cost, etc.).

I will not leave you in trouble and you can always count on my support even after the completion of the project! :)

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